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Dove- Real Beauty Sketches

This is something my youth teacher at church showed me and my high-school girls’ class at church. I wanted to share it:

(There’s also a six-minute video of similar to the one above, but I haven’t watched it.)

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Crystal’s Adventures for Christ

Welcome to my blog, Crystal’s Adventures for Christ! Call me Crystal. 😉
Let me give you some information about who I am and what I’ll post.

Image from http://www.clipartfest.com/

I am a teenage, homeschooled, christian and I love going to church as much as I can to learn more about the Bible.
I enjoy doing Laundry, playing some video-games, writing (mostly fan-fics at the moment),videoing, and computer coding.

I post book reviews, pictures (and maybe videos once in a while😋), Bible verses, and topics like that. I will post a little bit about my life, but nothing too personal.

I’d love to hear what blog(s) you have, so comment below! I may add a couple to the Inspiring Blogs page. 🙂

Keep on adventuring,