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Bring out the cake and ice cream..

Sweet sixteen!

I feel like nothing’s changed.. But I also feel like I hit a milestone in life. I can drive (technically no since I don’t even know how to do that. I might as well just crash though a window destroying everything and ending my pathetic life.. That would TOTALLY happen… 😋… could it??? 😲), I can volunteer for stuff unless it’s different from California in Wiconsin, buy LEGOs… Okay just kidding about that..💭

I’ll post about what I did soon when I actually have access to a computer…🚛🚗📷 💻📢

And yes, I have an obsession with LEGO gifs… Especially Ninjago. 😳


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This is it.

I decided that I cannot post Before the Move- Part 4 anytime soon, so just be patient with me.

Even with the boxes lying around, the animals gone, leaving my friends… It never felt real. Now that the moving truck has left a few hours ago…

My stuff is gone…. except a backpack full of clothes, notebooks, and my Kindle Fire for ebooks/downloading episodes off of Netflix.

I actually might have one more chance to see my friends tomorrow, but wow. We had planned to leave last Saturday, then yesterday… now it’s being put off until early Thursday morning.

I really miss my books… although my dad did let me have a Terminator book he had planned on getting rid of yesterday.

Drinking a Mcdonalds’ Frappe helps, but still… the struggle is real.


Can’t I just stay in California…? Even though the CA government wants to pass stupid laws? IN-N-OUT ain’t in Wisconsin… and my shake shop The Grind?


Just let me scream now… at something or someone.


Anyhow, I’ll just be miserable in the car with my notebooks for writing and my Kindle Fire for some ebooks.. but I am planning on taking a zillion photos of everything that is humanly possible including the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. Ugh and don’t get me started on how nauseous I’ll be in the car!!! 😱

 This is probably the last post I’ll make for awhile…

Wish me luck… pray for me and my family to have travel mercies and for my aching, sore body,

~ Crystal

P.S: I plan to do a huge post on the moving thing… I also want to change my blog a bit, so expect some changes happening sometime this month.

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Before the Move- Part 3

Maybe this and the upcoming posts should be called the “Embarrass me time” posts. 😛

Anyway… some progress from a few days ago…

My baby sister is in this shot.
Moved some stuff around…


Do you like my stuffed animal “collection”? I had maybe 40+ before, but I was able to get rid of a couple that weren’t special to me.

Sorry for the mess on my bed. I was just doing a little reading, writing, and cleaning all at once. 😛
And yes, I was a fan of Cub Penguin… like my small pink puffle and purple penguin? 😛

Stay tuned for Before the Move- Part 4! I plan to post my collections of my “amazing” treasure I’ve had for years!

~ Crystal