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The Animal Book Tag

Hey everyone! My cousin and I created this awesome book tag. 🙂



1) Add the tag graphic to your post.

2) Thank the person who tagged you.

3) Answer the questions.

4) Tag five bloggers.

5) And you’re done!

Question #1: What is your favorite book with animals as the main characters?

The Adventures of Max and Liz and The Epic Order of the Seven are my favorite series. The only one I’ve read is the second book, The Schemer, the Dreamer, and the Robe.

The Adventures of Max and Liz are basically the same as the The Epic Order of the Seven. The publishers just changed the name or something.

Q #2: Tell us about the book!

I’m not good at explaining things, but I’ll try my best. Keep in mind that I’ve only read the second book in the series, so I’m not exactly certain what the first one was about.

Max, Liz, Kate, and Al earned immortality (from the first book, which yeah sounds weird. :P). They have waited for centuries for a word from the Maker and then they get their first directive from God to serve him for important points in human history. They learn they are to work behind the scenes in the life of Joseph.
With the help of a British mouse and a camel, they must combat the forces of evil that are out to thwart their plans, leading them into mysterious adventures with pyramids and mummies. If Max and Liz fail in this mission, all of Egypt will suffer, and the Hebrew nation will never be born.

So basically this story is about Joseph. It’s so awesome! You should totally read it! 😀

Q #3: Which is your favorite animal in it?

I don’t know that I had any particular favorites… I suppose Al. He made me laugh when he was clueless and always wanted food. 🙂

Q# 4: What is your favorite scene in it?

Er, it’s really hard to choose just one! I really liked most of Joseph’s scenes, but I especially liked when he arrived at the slave market. I just found that interesting! Oh and I liked it when Joesph and Kate winked at each other.  🙂

Q #5: What is your favorite quote from the book??

I going to be honest. I don’t remember liking a specific quote so I looked on GR to see if there was one that stuck out to me. There was only one, so I choose that one. I’m not exactly sure if it’s from the book I read, but it kind of sounds familiar. Or am I just telling myself that? The world will never know….

“Know that you are loved and you are able.” -Gillamon
Jenny L. Cote

Okay. I tag:

Kellyn Roth @ Reveries

Loren @ Let’s Be Lost

Julia @ The Barefoot Gal

Kate Willis @ Once Upon an Ordinary

And you!!!


Thank you for reading!

~ Crystal


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