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Why Won’t God Speak to Me? *Reblogged

I really needed this. I’ve been struggling with why God hasn’t said anything to me, and this really helps. 🙂

Jordy Leigh

Those of her friends who expressed their opinions were split. Half wanted her to go on the mission trip, the others said she should stay home and work to support her parents. Brandi was torn.

She just wished God would speak to her directly.

The cry of Brandi’s heart could be summed up with this one question:

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Something I need to say. *Reblogged

This is soooo good! I’m tired of the protests and people whining that their candidate lost…. Please get over it… 🙂

Flourishing by Restful Falls


There’s something I need to say.

If you’re an American citizen, Trump IS your president. Period.

Personally, I don’t think you can say you’re an American if you don’t accept the outcome of the election. Having your own view is good, but slamming down on our president is NOT ok. He is our commander in chief, and trust me, he isn’t leaving any time soon.

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