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Bring out the cake and ice cream..

Sweet sixteen!

I feel like nothing’s changed.. But I also feel like I hit a milestone in life. I can drive (technically no since I don’t even know how to do that. I might as well just crash though a window destroying everything and ending my pathetic life.. That would TOTALLY happen… 😋… could it??? 😲), I can volunteer for stuff unless it’s different from California in Wiconsin, buy LEGOs… Okay just kidding about that..💭

I’ll post about what I did soon when I actually have access to a computer…🚛🚗📷 💻📢

And yes, I have an obsession with LEGO gifs… Especially Ninjago. 😳


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This is it.

I decided that I cannot post Before the Move- Part 4 anytime soon, so just be patient with me.

Even with the boxes lying around, the animals gone, leaving my friends… It never felt real. Now that the moving truck has left a few hours ago…

My stuff is gone…. except a backpack full of clothes, notebooks, and my Kindle Fire for ebooks/downloading episodes off of Netflix.

I actually might have one more chance to see my friends tomorrow, but wow. We had planned to leave last Saturday, then yesterday… now it’s being put off until early Thursday morning.

I really miss my books… although my dad did let me have a Terminator book he had planned on getting rid of yesterday.

Drinking a Mcdonalds’ Frappe helps, but still… the struggle is real.


Can’t I just stay in California…? Even though the CA government wants to pass stupid laws? IN-N-OUT ain’t in Wisconsin… and my shake shop The Grind?


Just let me scream now… at something or someone.


Anyhow, I’ll just be miserable in the car with my notebooks for writing and my Kindle Fire for some ebooks.. but I am planning on taking a zillion photos of everything that is humanly possible including the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. Ugh and don’t get me started on how nauseous I’ll be in the car!!! 😱

 This is probably the last post I’ll make for awhile…

Wish me luck… pray for me and my family to have travel mercies and for my aching, sore body,

~ Crystal

P.S: I plan to do a huge post on the moving thing… I also want to change my blog a bit, so expect some changes happening sometime this month.

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Before the Move- Part 3

Maybe this and the upcoming posts should be called the “Embarrass me time” posts. 😛

Anyway… some progress from a few days ago…

My baby sister is in this shot.
Moved some stuff around…


Do you like my stuffed animal “collection”? I had maybe 40+ before, but I was able to get rid of a couple that weren’t special to me.

Sorry for the mess on my bed. I was just doing a little reading, writing, and cleaning all at once. 😛
And yes, I was a fan of Cub Penguin… like my small pink puffle and purple penguin? 😛

Stay tuned for Before the Move- Part 4! I plan to post my collections of my “amazing” treasure I’ve had for years!

~ Crystal

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Before the Move- Part 1

The last few weeks and days, I’ve been taking some pictures of what’s been happening.

Let’s start with a few animals…. 😉

This is Spike the turkey. He left our house on March 10th to a new home. He was a friendly turkey…. he didn’t mind being pet, although moving too quickly towards him made him nervous. I miss him so much. 😥



This is Gwendolyn (aka as Gigi to my mom and brother) the cat. She left to a new home on March 13th. She was such a sweet cat. She had once been an indoor cat with us, but we decided to have her outside. (She kept waking us up at night when she was inside… 😛 )


The chickens were my favorite… most of them left to a new home on March 21st. They were so nice and never tried to hurt us. 


This is Trump, the rooster. 🙂
Trump again 🙂


I’m going to post several things regarding the movie, including updates and how I feel about it. I’ll will also post some more pictures for Before the Move Part 2.
Stay tuned for more. 🙂

~ Crystal

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The Blue Sky Tag

Here I am again with another tag, tagged by Cynthia at A Sweet N Simple Life! (You should totally check out her blog. It’s amazing!) Thanks for tagging me Cynthia! 🙂

Here are the rules for the “Blue Sky Tag.”

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Answer their 11 questions
  • Tag 11 people
  • Give them 11 questions to answer


Now, onto Cynthia’s questions!

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Indie E-Con 2017

There’s an Indie E-Con that’s happening next week!

Indie e-Con found @ Knitted by God’s Plan

Of course, I’m not an indie author. 😉
But what I’m really excited about is the free/99 cent e-books!

(Info found on Knitted By God’s Plan.)

99 Cents e-Books:

Twinepathy by C. B. Cook
Reward of Anavrea by Rachel Rossano
Sufficient Grace by Jessica Grayson
Blessed Assurance by Faith Blum
Adela’s Curse by Claire M. Banschbach
Space Kitties 2: Searching the Cosmos
Lost Lake House by Elisabeth Grace Foley
Eun Na and the Phantom by Erica Laurie
Foxtails by Erica Laurie
Song of the Sword by Hope Ann
Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire
Honor Respect Devotion by Linda K. Rodante
Splashdown by Linda K. Rodante
The Graham Quartet and the Mystery of the Day Maid by Rebekah A. Morris
Triple Creek Ranch – Together by Rebekah A. Morris
Fitting In by Rebekah A. Morris
Christmas Aria by Kimberly A. Rogers
Wolf’s Path by Kimberly A. Rogers
A Question of Honor by Jesseca Wheaton
Beyond the Horizon by Jesseca Wheaton
Blood Ties by Hazel West

Free e-Books:

Lady Dragon, Tela Du by Kendra E. Ardnek
Kate’s Capitol by Sarah Holman
Espionage by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
Crannig Castle by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke
The Kares Case by Julie C. Gilbert
Varick’s Quest by Julie C. Gilbert
Veni, Veni by Aubrey Hansen
Rose of Prophecy by Hope Ann
Alen’s War by Hannah Krynicki
The Old Mansion’s Secret by Rebekah A. Morris
Remember Typhon by Kimberly A. Rogers
Left to Die by Ivy Rose

(This one is paperback only and I’m not certain if it’s free or 99 cents:)
White Wolf and the Ash Princess by Tammy Lash

There are so many great books are either free, or 99 cents, but I’m honestly really looking forward to Left to Die by Ivy Rose, A Question of Honor by Jesseca Wheaton, and Twinepathy by C. B. Cook.

I hope you’ll take part in getting some e-books before they’re back to regular price!

Onto other matters… I will not be posting very much this month, much less post books reviews. I probably will fail most of my goals this month. But I don’t care. I found out I’m moving from California to Wisconsin. 😦

I’m extremely busy with packing, getting rid of my “treasure” aka junk, and cleaning the house. Hey, I should look on the bright side… No school for a few weeks. 🙂

I should be able to post one or two more times soon.

~ Crystal